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Explore Collections of Pictures

Switch your perspective by diving through different kinds of pictures that were grouped by relevant subject

Search by Keywords & Unsplash URL

Cure your curiosity by searching what you truly want to see. Some keyword suggestions are also available to assist

Like Picture for Later

Memorable pictures are worth their place to be recalled in the future. The picture that has been set as wallpaper will automatically be liked as well

Scroll Endlessly

Enjoy the unlimited stream of pictures until you find the picture that fits you

Double-click Away to Set Wallpaper

Perform a hassle-free gesture to set the selected picture as wallpaper for all of your desktops

Dark Theme Support

Some folks love dark, and there’s no reason to not design the best experience for it. Poster will automatically adapt to whatever theme that you choose on your macOS

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Amit Bajaj

"I now ritualistically change the wallpaper first thing in the morning, because the wallpapers on Poster are so serene and each new day gives me a new perspective for the day ahead. It's so easy to change with Poster that I actually make this a habit!"

Beautify your desktop now!

Setting a wallpaper that inspires you the most in your desktop will directly impact your productivity. I experienced it by myself!

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