What Inspires You Today?

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Poster is a minimalist searchable wallpaper changer macOS app that lives on menu bar. It turns your desktop to be the source of inspiration by allowing you to search exactly what you want to see.

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Search What's on Your Mind

More often than not, inspiration hits our mind whenever it wants to. Poster helps to broaden the inspiration by delivering the best pictures that are related to it. Just type something on the text field and you're good to go. You're more than welcome to expect something beyond your imagination!

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Explore Popular Pictures

There're thousand things we could think about, but sometimes we just want to chill and enjoy what's been provided. You could check out some curated popular pictures by just opening Poster. Chances are you get what you like, or those pictures inspire you to the next thing.

Popular pictures

Double Click to Set Wallpaper

When you found something that clicks, it's just a double click away to set the picture as your wallpaper. As simple as that!

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If your day could be more awesome, why bother?

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